I was born and raised right here in the Gallatin Valley, one of the most beautiful and dog friendly places on Earth. I have worked in the pet industry since 2013 and began handling dogs as a kennel tech at Montana Murray Kennels in July of 2016. The following June I began grooming full time and have found that I absolutely love it! So much so that I acquired the business in April of 2019 and am now the owner of Oasis Grooming!

For many dogs, grooming can be a stressful experience. I focus on developing a trusting relationship with your pet so that they leave not only looking and smelling good, but having had a calm and positive experience. If your dog has anxieties or behavioral issues related to the grooming process, we can work together to develop strategies that will safely desensitize your dog to reactivity triggers and ease any negative preconceptions they may hold. I look forward to working with you!


Howdy! I'm Sandy Cornelius and I am an independent contractor grooming at Oasis Grooming. I LOVE MY JOB!! Not many people can say that. I love working with the dogs and meeting their fantastic owners. I specialize in grooming for the good of your dog, I have taken on a lot of the dogs that have been "fired" from other groomers and helped them to have a great grooming experience. It gives me the biggest smile when the dog is picked up by it's owner, the owner is delighted and the dog has a pep in their step.

I have lived in Montana most of my life, I was raised with dogs and I have 3 wonderful dogs of my own along with a wonderful husband. I am also a dog owner/trainer, feel free to ask about training if you are interested. We are one of the few grooming facilities that is open on the weekends so call us and schedule your pet today!!


Hello! I grew up in West Yellowstone Montana where the bison and bears play. After working with kids for 5 years, I decided dogs were far better company, and began working at Montana Murray Kennels in 2018 where I fell in love with how to "talk" dog. After about a year, I started helping in Oasis Grooming, and I have loved it since!

I specialize in the big beautiful messes as well as the first timers and puppies! Grooming isn't always about the mohawk, but the daily functionality! Whether it's a summer shave/blow out, cleaning out eyes and ears, or the hygiene. I believe all dogs should enjoy their time with a groomer because we are there to make them feel and look good! Can't wait to see you and your pups in for an appointment soon!