Cat Days in Bozeman, MT

Online booking not available for cat grooming services. Please call or text.

It's the Cat Days of Summer at Oasis Grooming!

We are so excited to announce the official launch of our cat program at Oasis Grooming. We are now offering all services from nail trimming to bathing, haircuts and everything in between. As with our doggie clients, we are here to help so always feel free to chat with us about your cat's individual needs.

We have set aside at least one day a month for our feline friends so they will not cross paths with our K9 clients. Each cat will have a team of two cat groomers available and dedicated to keeping them safe and comfortable throughout their appointment.

Online booking is not available for cat grooming so please call or text us at 406-581-6150.

The Kitty Calendar

We may add cat days as spots fill up so we recommend getting on the wait list.

Upcoming Cat Days

  • Tuesday MAY 18th
  • Saturday June 12th
  • Saturday July 17th
  • Saturday August 14th

*Cat grooming not currently available through online bookingcat grooming not currently available through online booking.

Cat Policies

To allow us to help as many cats as possible, we ask that you read and follow our cat day policies. If a cat is unsecured in the lobby, the door will be locked. Please ring the doorbell and wait at our covered front door or in your car and we will assist you as soon as we can.

All cats must have proof of current rabies vaccination or a medical excuse

All cats must come in a carrier or in a secure harness and leash (we have carriers available if you need to borrow one) The owner is responsible for the cat's safety in the parking lot and until the cat has been checked in.

Cancellations less than 24 hours ahead of time will be billed for 50% of the services booked

Owners must be ready to pick up their cats at the estimated pick up time. We do not have the ability to provide long term care for multiple cats so late pickup fees will be billed at one dollar per minute.

The quality of the service will be subject to the attitude of the cat. We will not put a cat though high stress to accomplish a service that is not medically needed.

Cats who are too anxious or aggressive will not be groomed that day and you will be charged a cancellation fee at 50% of the services booked. When appropriate, we would love to use that time as a training experience; allowing your kitty to hang out and get comfortable in the hopes that he or she will not be so fearful when we try again.


• Nail Clipping $20. Estimated 15 minutes.
• Bath $60. Estimated 30 minutes-1 hour for drying
• Short Hair Brush Out $60 Brushed with dry shampoo and nail clipping. Estimated 30 minutes.
• Long Hair Brush Out $80 Brushed with dry shampoo and nail clipping. Larger matts must be shaved out. Estimated 30 minutes.
• Full Shave $80 Estimated 30 minutes. Short shave from neck to legs, tail optional, nail trim optional. This is a utilitarian haircut for cats who need it. Little time will be spent on the details so expect there to be lines and tufts in the difficult to reach places. This is a 'get it over quick' option for cats who are not as comfortable with the grooming process.
• Full Cat Grooming No Bath $120 estimated 1 hour. Extra time will be spent on detailing, shaping the haircut and trimming the claws as needed.
• Full Cat Grooming With Bath $180 estimated 2 hours.